Monday, September 6, 2010

Abortion Poem

Abortion Poem

The abortion issue again on the federal agenda
Will Canadians be summoned to a public referenda
Pro-Choice doctors make ready the fetal bin
Pro-Life advocates professing the great sin

Liberals and Conservatives ready to do battle
Is life precious or a perishable chattel
The times may be ripe to decide such a question
This may be humanity’s last confession

Sex as liberal as the changing fashion
Life created through an act of passion
A tiny embryo now born in a mother’s womb
Will this child face happiness or imminent doom

For some women and mothers to be
Their choice unlocks a moral key
Sperm and egg have created a disaster
Gynaecologist to call or is it the Pastor

A young teenager her life in peril
Precarious for the older woman who thought she was sterile
For some economics makes the situation hope less
For others disease and genetics are decisions of great distress

Dad idled behind the scene
Should he be courageous or choose not to intervene
Easy for mother to take full charge
The law says papa can remain at large

Womb encrusted no more visible than a ghost
For the poor embryo the mother is the host
Not capable of making its own decision
The young fetus cries for an ethical provision

Stuck in limbo without a voice
All deciding on my choice
Why has life become a political convention
I would not be here if it was not God’s intention.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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