Monday, September 6, 2010

Asking God Forgive Me Please

Asking God Forgive Me Please

A young boy sits in the park dreaming of great things
Plucking at dandelions as the sparrow sings
Lazing in the grass never thinking beyond tomorrow
Incapable of measuring man's divine sorrow

Night has fallen and he is dreaming of his girl
Her reality like an illusive pearl
As he awakes mother yells ready to arms
Country is calling meaning no harm

A boat ride across an ocean with tears in their eyes
Looking at each other remembering the good-byes
A proud father watches with fear in his smile
Wondering if his young lad will be safe all the while

Huddled in prayer before they dashed to shore
Splashing their boots on the ocean floor
Finding safety behind the body of another young lad
The youngster whimpers crying for dad

Gasping and aching a young soldier dies
Yet waiting to hear his mother's cries
Alone and lost in Hell's central park
The young soldier awaits for the comfort of the dark

A dash to safety and asleep at last
No longer capable of measuring the past
Clutching his hands to hide his fear
A sparrow now he could no longer hear

Morning has broken as he turns to the ocean
Humanity's blood and guts lay in motion
Falling back upon his knees
Asking God forgive me please.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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