Monday, September 6, 2010

The Big Flush

The Big Flush

Has no one caught on, our economy is a game of good old Strip Poker
Especially when the card dealer is none more than a Wall Street Broker
Derivatives and SDWs, now valueless in the quadrillions
Yes, we have gone passed the trillions my dear teary-eyed civilian

The bell tower dings and dongs at the time of the Crazy Eight
The masked Cabal in devil horned attire keep secret their powerful hate
Jester and magician round the pentagram they frolic to amuse
Charlatans and rabble-rousers will soon find chains a better fit than their soft leather shoes

In the den, the grey-haired bankers prepare for a friendly game of Euchre
The opposition consists of the Central Bankers and the members of “Le Punch de Sucre”
Printing more money and bailouts, they agree is becoming exhaustive
Nothing like flood, drought and catastrophe, they concur is much more flaky and frosted

The mortgage brokers stand ready as home loans go bye-bye again
Already, six million foreclosures in America for fiscal year two thousand and ten
Unemployment not lonely when accompanied by a rising national debt
The ominous future for the world, not foretold in the controlled media gazette

Let’s get back to the party and enjoy a great game of Bridge
For the ordinary citizen there is much food at the grocer but not in their fridge
The plan is to keep all the shelves full and the freezers cooling
It will be too late when we discover, land of the plenty, they were only fooling

And so we end the amusement with a card game of War
First, let the impending economic upheaval fester like a puss-filled sore
Then like Fascism, government and business will experiment with a little mind control
God they will blame for its effects, masqueraded by the changing Earthly magnetic pole

At what point did you discover that you had no more poker-chips
Don’t be alarmed, everyone is falling prey to those controlling micro-chips
Twenty amino acids and the potential for sixty and four
It’s too late, we’re the unknowing victims of the Cabal’s newest and personal Cold War

Money and retail stand ready to be blessed by the grave
Commercial real estate investors already asking what happened to the rave
Oil as always will be on the rise
Just in time to test the worthiness of our new Middle-East allies.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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