Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Book Burning

A Book Burning

Islam set to build a Mosque near the site of the once Twin Towers
Crowley and Mazzini long ago forecast the battle of two religious powers
Absurdity will go to great lengths to wage war among nations
Pastor Jones the current disciple of a book burning reincarnation

Diocletian long ago burned the Egyptian Alchemy texts
Jovian’s destruction of the Library of Antioch left many of the ancients extremely perplexed
The Spanish Bishop of the Yucatan did send the Mayan Sacred Books up in smoke
Let us forget not May 10, 1933 when Jewish novels did the Nazis’ fire eagerly stoke

What in the pages of scared text do others find desire in it to desecrate
Why do religious denominations feel compelled to impose their moral weight
The words of God were spoken for men to hold dear in their heart
The lesson He taught was that everyone could interpret his love like an abstract piece of art

Lucifer is at work to create conflict between Qur’an and Torah
Muhammed notably absent from the lighting of the Hanukkah Menorah
Put your hands together and tune your five senses
Evil lurks in the background trying subdue your defences

Lost Christians as lambs stop following the political propaganda
Remember the blood-soaked table of Idi Amin and the once upon-a-time Uganda
Think upon the absurdity of this preacher’s perception
The words of a Prophet from the ashes will always come to life via immaculate conception.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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