Monday, September 6, 2010

Brave Souls

Brave Souls

Youth’s bravado inspired by the glamour of army fatigues
Crew cut, commando knife and machine gun, add to the intrigue
The enemy a monster who disrupts law and order
Uncle Sam beckons you to the defend the invisible border

White trash this opportunity it does embrace
The Negro has now found a means of discarding his disgrace
Women, the military ceiling promising to move
Legacy for the young lieutenant, family calls to improve

Bankers salivating at the prospect of war
Economists spread fear like an infected whore
Admirals requisition the bombs and chemical fire
Presidents ready their speeches to recant by the funeral pyre

Untested courage lost by the first command
Marching boots remain quiet in the blood soaked sand
The firmness of young flesh does anger the foe
By the end of battle, deadened souls climb to a higher plateau

To those who wake to witness the horror
Unimaginable their duty as the silent juror
Authority orders them to surrender their thoughts
Reason not a prerequisite in the journey they sought

Body bags queued as carcasses in a processing plant
Civilian dead marked by tears and an eerie cant
Rotting body parts lain among the weed
Their loneliness in decades will bring life to a dormant seed

The ugliness of military refuse graces the meadow
Behind each tree the wreckage is guarded by a frightened shadow
A lonely boot stands guard by a burned out bunker
Laces charred, unable to start the Jeepish junker

Brave souls this youth professed to be
Where there were thousands remain only three
Fight the good fight for country and honour
Little does mama know, her baby-faced boy is now a goner.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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