Monday, September 6, 2010



Momentary chaos given origin at the time of creation
Spawned by a singular thought in the mind of the great Anonymous
The abyss of nothingness shaped into form by divine mathematics
A blinding light regurgitated from the bowels of a deep darkness

Galaxies and planets formed as if by spontaneous generation
Gravity’s magical hand positioned their motion
Radical comets thrown into the mix as celestial surgeons
Invisible space set in place as the arterial moderator

Its entire mass floating atop the hands of the Creator
Its scale only visible by the tuned holographic eye
Cosmic energy communicating as silent telepathy amongst the vast dimensions
The measure of time lost in the steps of each finite eternity

His origin confounds both theory and the physics
His form incomprehensible to human mind
His objective unknowing to the mortal psyche
His reality challenged by the unreasonableness of scepticism

And so we come to the infinitesimal reality we now know as Earth
Cast adrift with galactic precision
Guarded by an army of celestial wonders
Dignified by humanity, nature, water and the breathe of life

Are we the lucky few who have been graced by the words of a visiting Prophet
The Apocalypse He foretold was borne via the Gatekeepers madness
His warning was of human treachery
The mind of Man gravitates toward evil and chaos when freed by the will of God.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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