Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Delayed Illuminati Plan

The Delayed Illuminati Plan

Without a doubt these bad boys are well behind in their NWO plan
The first set-back occurred when China overtook a trusted Japan
What wisdom prevented Israel from not blowing the hell out of Iran
What were the Jews thinking by stalling the attack on the Qur’an

This evil has the future all worked out, sentence by sentence
Knowing that China has supplied Iran with nuclear weapons they seek no repentance
How did China and the Persian Priest become so effective
It just goes to show you that the Illuminati’s plans can be defective

Never count out these mystic monsters and their devious means
A horrible flu will be targeted towards China and its peoples’ genes
Biological terrorism will vie to bring down the Manchurian beast
The Anglo-American Union in their treachery still awaiting their end days’ feast

The targeted flu will mutate into human pandemic
Marshall Law they will wish to invoke and to become systemic
In this panic do not let your fear imprison your reason
There is no real enemy, just a kindly act of government treason

Your nerves will determine the fate of our planet
Let your fear be crushed by the Almighty’s granite
War and hunger will rage in their battle cry
Barren fields will be accompanied by river beds that will have run dry

500,000,000 targeted to remain in the roost
War is the plan in how the rest of the population will be reduced
Their motives remember are controlled by the powers of another dimension
Overcoming the unnatural requires that you seek a higher comprehension.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


Tamoharadasa said...

Wonderful knowledge, thank you for the courage to present it to us in such a powerful format.

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