Monday, September 6, 2010

DNA of Capitalism

The DNA of Capitalism

The Creatures of Jekyll Island transformed gold to a wrinkly FIAT
Printed money they found, was a better way of controlling the POULTRY-T-RIAT
The Knights Templar cheering the monetary progress from their graves
These European Bankers dictated long ago that you and I should remain slaves

Monarchies and Principalities intrigued by Solon’s desire
The Kings, Dukes and Earls have invoked Democracy, proclaimed the town- crier
The new edict prescribed that everyone would now be of equal caste
The Machiavellian trap was to ensure that the First Order of business would also be their last

From Industrial Revolution to a new electronic age
Marconi’s stealth science transformed the 20th century stage
Waves of science filled the cornucopia
Refer to Huxley and he will explain how treacherous is the Utopia

Biology and chemistry decipher the Ge-nome
Physics and mathematics tangle to find us a celestial home
Psychology and medicine make us believers in the forever
Finance and business will use that same “everlasting” as the societal control lever

Poor Democracy, does it still exist
The economy is controlled by the members of the 5% list
By its remnants, they sit in concert with bow and HAARP
The lost sheep as lemmings following Manchurian Candidates to the precipitous scarp

The NWO through treachery can also become charitable
When done, to the meek, this money will become un-inheritable
The news presents CNN and all the Black media
Poor suckers know nothing of history and the secret encyclopaedia

It took a grand struggle to find our “Capitalism”
Its ending predestined to become like that of a “Tribal Cannibalism”
Our DNA embattled by the corporate molestor
The fate of humanity brokered by the greedy hands of a derivative investor

1984, Orwell will concede, took a little longer than expected
DARPA, the synthetic human, it will unleash a little faster than projected
The NWO ubiquitously transparent in the far off left wing
The trumpeters sit patiently for the entrance of the 666th king.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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