Monday, September 6, 2010

Doom and Gloom

Doom and Gloom

Someone said to me that I always speak of doom and gloom
In fact, I speak of opening skeleton filled closets and unlocking history’s tomb
Places where answers to questions tear at human emotion
Where the truth is brought to life by an intellectual potion

How quickly we have forgotten the chattering teeth of the hungry Haitian
An abandoned people quietly cast into Hell’s damnation
Billions of dollars promised to diminish the daily torment
We have closed our eyed and not questioned where the money went

War in Iraq brought to you by war mongering neo-conservatives
The millions of dead rotted quickly in the absence of formaldehyde preservatives
Children’s lives amputated physically and mentally
The leaders of democracy and capitalism so too a murderous beast fundamentally

The boney children of Africa lay fly infested with the onset of Aids
The only useful harvest tools remain the gravedigger’s spades
Political leaders predisposed to create genocide and hunger
Multinational training says throw away the spade and use the plunger

We need not look very far to measure the North American apathy
The disease of hate and indifference are immune to religious homeopathy
Youth crime and gangs brought to by Mara Salvatrucha
Their numbers in murder and violence even in Toronto is becoming “too mucka”

Innuit, Eskimo and Native their majesty we choose not to grace
Our political leaders day in day out, choose to cast them as history’s disgrace
The Arctic ready to be plundered is now a matter of national security
For millennia, Native guardianship had kept the waters in absolute purity

Did I mention the homeless who have lost everything because of a financial bet
Rather a senior who sits lonely and bewildered, now perceived as a family threat
Could it be the unemployed whose place in society is no more than a shadow
The children’s clothes and toys they must now tearfully forgo

Is it wrong to remember the real victims of everyday strife
What evil is dictating our voice and quality of life
We have cast war on family, friend and neighbour
I only speak of doom, because your blindness it does favour.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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