Monday, September 6, 2010

Earth, Wind, Fire and Rain

Earth, Wind, Fire and Rain

Earth, a remnant of all life now obscure in its identity
Earth, that which welcomes the root of all existence
Earth, the plane on which gravity welcomes animation
Earth, a material matter, once formed, manifests mankind’s lust for everything

Wind, an invisible force of mixed gases
Wind, the esoteric exhalation of all the natural and unnatural worlds
Wind, a power source of divine proportion
Wind, that which forms and unwhinds the earth

Fire, a source of heat and light
Fire, creation’s aid in galactic transformation
Fire, that which transforms life to earth and dehydrates life from within the earth
Fire, the Great Spirit’s ultimate weapon of retribution

Rain, one drop brings life to millions of organisms
Rain, its abundance creates lakes and oceans
Rain, it marries wind in the rage of a thunderstorm
Rain, in its fury forms the earth, and in its grace, calms the wrath of fire

The fifth element transcends the gravity of the earthly plateau
The fifth element is impervious to the cyclones of nature’s wrath
The fifth element is a spiritual flame
The fifth element bathes in sacred bliss

Oil, the concoction of earth, wind, fire and rain
Oil, the fuel of fools
Oil, the Skrying medium for the nefarious Alchemist
Oil, the precursor to the fifth element

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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