Monday, September 6, 2010

The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers

Isis Unveiled, the Gatekeepers turn silent the alarm
The Lesser Keys of Solomon evoked to work their magical charm
Thirty Three degrees, then Osiris from slumber awakes at the mid-night
A Forty Fourth disciple secretly inaugurated by the same Satanic rite

Ars Goetia, free from the brass vessel blows the Shophar
Prophetic wonder brings credence to the mystical Zohar
The Marquis Shax, the Shakespearian stage he does grace in Storkish fashion
Secretly politicizing his contempt for Christian compassion

In grand entrance Count Andromalius appears atop the seventy second wrung
I am the last, in heinous laughter, he stands bellowing with serpent’s tongue
To you, I present him, who bears the number six hundred three score and six
The Gospels and Sethur are folly compared to his bag of tricks

The Fallen Angel proclaims that the Obelisk in Rome falls short in his desire
Within the House of the Temple and Horace he so chooses to retire
Their the seventh Seale hones his craft
Sacrifice and Black Mass re-enacted according to ancient hieroglyphic draft

The Beast, his public role he eagerly awaits
Of Jesus and His story his armies stand ready to desecrate
In his honour a new Temple to be formed with ashen earth
Its corner stone lays dormant in the land Magna Carta has been given rebirth

The immortals to a place of honour they now return
Cagliastro, St. Germaine, Fulcanelli, in laughter share a pint from an alchemic urn
The Bennu joyously frolic in the Bohemian Gardens
The Corporation and Earthly Evil holding hands with Satanic pardons

For the two men who mock the ``little people``
We beseech Oh Lord, drape their blackened souls from the highest Church steeple
For those who protect their criminal acts
We beseech Oh Lord, their severed heads let redden the Angels of Heaven`s axe.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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