Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Georgia Guide Stones

Georgia Guide Stones

Elbert County is home to the Georgia Guide Stones
In 1979, Rosicrucians foretold of a planet inhabited by many carcass-less bones
An American made Stonehenge inscribed with ten new commandments
Stone granite to honour those who will survive the cataclysm of New World Order events

Rule number one calls to maintain the human population below 500 million
This explains the Illuminati’s modern day mission in trying to eradicate the other six billion
Rule number two seeks to invoke a certain reproductive wisdom
Future off-spring will not be the sole domain of the feminine kingdom

Rule number three calls to unite humanity with one mother tongue
Could you imagine the great songs and operas that would no longer be sung
Rule number four calls on leaders to rule with passion, faith and tradition
How could we ever trust the few whose rise to power was realized through planned sedition

Rule number five calls for fair laws and just courts
After a global holocaust what logical outcome could there be for any other tort
Rule number six calls for internalized resolutions and one world high court
The laws of human history, will the new understanding, readily abort

Rule number seven calls on the removal of trivial laws and redundant officials
Why wait for the NWO, today’s politicians are without a doubt incredibly superficial
Rule number eight states that we must balance personal rights and social duty
History proves that humans will eventually move towards the doctrine of Philauty

Rule number nine will prize truth, beauty, love and harmony with the infinite
The new religion will once again embrace Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyph
Rule number ten demands respect for all nature
The fertile grounds of the rotting six billion lie lonely in the absence of the preacher’s nomenclature

Those men clad in aprons have conspired for centuries to fulfill prophecy outside the Devil’s womb
At the cataclysm’s end Lucifer will no doubt rise from his shadowy tomb
Human consciousness will awake with untold potential
500,000,000 will ponder why six billion failed to be existential

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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