Monday, September 6, 2010

God Beckons

God Beckons

The weather changes from season to season,
The moon, the earth and universe provide the reason,
Nature responds in joyful appreciation,
God’s creatures marvel at the wonder of creation.

The heavens greeted by the out-stretched limbs of a sequoia tree,
A flower graced by the visit of a bumble bee,
An eagle stands guard upon a mountain top,
A beetle nourished by a tiny rain drop.

The waters dance in all directions,
Land masses obedient to their affection,
Tortoises swim in the ocean abyss,
Two penguins embraced in joyful bliss.

Predators stand guard to even the odds,
The cries of the creatures Mother Nature does laud,
The spoils of victory invisible to all,
New life awakened by a wilderness call.

Humans awed by this majestic wonder,
Humbled by the roar and clap of thunder,
God beckons to all a new day,
He praying we have not lost our way.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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