Monday, September 6, 2010

The Great Spirit

The Great Spirit

Land lain on the pallet by the Hand of creation
Crystal pure water rapt by stone formation
The creatures of Mother Nature divine in their inspiration
The air as pine cones to provide everlasting salvation.

There were a people who thanked the Great Spirit for such wonder
To them He spoke with lightning and spiritual thunder
Each tribe nomadic by the trumpet of a new season
Their gift of life not subjected to scientific reason.

Humble caretakers of a gift divine
Through the ages all life adored as a sacred shrine
To White Buffalo Calf Woman who graced a simple Sioux
The gifted Peace Pipe travelled to each tribe by river canoe.

Passed from Elder to Elder and then to Black Elk the simple prophet
His visions made clear by fine tobacco and not the evils of ancient Tophet
While he did proclaim a Hell on Earth
The Great Spirit presented to him the vision of human re-birth.

His Native brother White Feather haunted by the same eerie revelation
Mankind choked by the greed of many a Corporation
Governments turned a blind eye to the evil and deception
Black oil the instrument of chaos and a misguided perception.

Haunted by the days when Tatonka roared through the grass lands
Today, beauty and majesty held hostage by Multi-national bands
If so we must surrender this great creation
To WakanTanka let Him know that we have not abandoned our true vocation.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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Anonymous said...

That was a lovely read, thank you