Monday, September 6, 2010

Harper Looks To Be Very Happy

Harper Looks to be Very Happy

First the G8 were welcomed in Muskoka
The leaders sent to bed with a scrumptious latte de coca
Sadly the fake lake did not attract any wild life
It to a picture perfect representation of controlled global strife

Lucky Toronto selected to welcome the G20 hoard
Residents as proletariats their movement restricted by metal cord
Black caped dissidents on whose flank we do not know
Staged a production in the fashion of a 1920’s silent picture show

Prime Minister Singh of India arrived by the G20`s end
Decades after Air India his people still not part of the fabric’s blend
Asia, for Harper, becoming a big foreign trade collaborator
Hu nonetheless very silent, perhaps on ice in a backroom refrigerator

Finally we end with Phillip and his Queen
Her hat filled with wasps was abashedly obscene
Monarchists so happy to see the vestiges of colonization and slavery still walk the beat
Ordinary Canadians would rather present her with shoes made of concrete

Harper looks to be very happy in his title role
For ordinary Canadians the outcome more taxes and not enough dole
And so until the next year in some faraway place
The G20 will no doubt continue their political disgrace.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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