Monday, September 6, 2010



Awoken from a sleepy fog
Dreams portend the mysteries of the untold journey
A cold shower to invigorate the senses
Cleansing the body of the fortnight’s passage

Clothed in uncertainty we journey anew
Strutting and pausing on broken cobble
Sitting staring, dreaming daring, challenging and then receding
Reflection a gift if only heeded

Desperation cries for day’s end
Humanity retreating to an empty shelter
Four walls mire the potential
Thoughts wallow in execution’s absence

Friend cuddled and memory wandering
Gaping beyond the matter
Joyous remembrance nudges the spirit
Imagination paints that untold potential

Lain to a uneasy rest
To conceive sin and ridicule
Forgiveness bartered for worthlessness
Finding comfort in thought and not exploit

Fear is but a comforting ally
It grows in numbers and shrinks in sanity
Standing lonely upon the unpaved road
The vestiges of humanity covers its dusty plight

I a reason for its failure
You the cause for my affliction
We not considered in the outcome
Humanity never stood a chance.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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