Monday, September 6, 2010

The Hungry Hatian Knocks

The Hungry Haitian Knocks

We had mud huts but now they are gone
After a week of terror we looked to find a new dawn
The world came running to lend a hand
Bodies and carcasses they help bury in non-descript land

Armies in the thousands to rebuild each road
Generous volunteers arrived by the bus load
The old, forsaken and the sick huddled in the street
Children whose lives now rendered incomplete

Voodoo shaman lost of spirits and singing rattle
People treated less than slaughterhouse cattle
Patient in their hope for divine intervention
Global aid afflicted by political circumvention

The U.N. has gathered billions of dollars to rebuild our land
Now more concerned about BRIC and mortar than a dying hand
Pledges by global governments tax payers did applaud
Look more closely and discover another Wall Street fraud

The Salvation Army ringing the bell for Santa Claus
Oxfam for its part requesting global applause
Save the Children will they indeed
UNICEF across the media donations they did plead

All this generosity and no fix in place
Why has humanity accepted this disgrace
Generous was our gift to help each victim
Black still the colour of slavery, is the judge’s dictum

Hunger and disease now epidemic
Evil leaders more eager to witness human pandemic
The media departed and the misery for gotten
The hungry Hatian knocks and asks the Master, can I still pick cotton.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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