Monday, September 6, 2010

I Offer You Jesus

I Offer You Jesus

Did the Son of Man really walk the Earth
Was immaculate conception the true nature of His birth
Were Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar the names of the illuminated Wise Men
Why the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh when all that was needed was a simple Amen

How did Jesus acquire such wisdom
Did he travel east to follow the teachings of Gautama Buddha, and then translate them for all
of Christendom
Is this all a hoax and the reinvention of a Sumatran story
Perhaps one might say, His life was none more than an religious allegory

What possessed such a Spirit to favour the meek
How did He explain the Sabbath as the holiest day of the week
What good did it do in raising Lazarus from the dead
His own resurrection may be a falsehood they say it is said

Of divinity, if not divine, He did cross His life for all of man
Accompanied by two thieves, Mother Mary and a tiny loyal clan
His body pierced in anguish upon the tortured lumber
Nails of iron tore at His flesh as He hung in agonizing slumber

There was no scripted INRE hanging above His head
There were no crown of thorns, as the Bible, embellishingly said
His cross was made in the form of a simple Tau
The event and sacrifice Barabbas then offered up to the sacred cow

His hair was loosely curled and of a reddish hue
His short beard in the same fashion makes all other legends untrue
His agonizing brown eyes, while in dying, shed one tear
This is the manner in which the Son of Man did to me appear

He looked half way up, but not to the sky
His first thought was in why prophecy had selected such a savage way for Him to die
His loneliness upon the Cross was heart-breaking beyond belief
My body cast inside His anguish, but of Heaven He asked for no relief

Jesus, for some, was the product of flesh and bone
Albeit, through political manoeuvring Constantine with Jesus did unify his throne
The Council of Nicaea in grand style formalized His legacy and story
A bold new Christianity and Rome now rejoiced in Theocratic glory

In defining a Prophet or a God we must ask one simple question
That pronouncement asked just after your last confession
Why does Jesus still exist in the mind of man
The answer is because He existed with us before time began

Consciousness is the DNA of the immortal soul
Faith is the belief that Lucifer from us once stole
Prayer provides the answer to each question
Life the journey that may end with heavenly succession

Good and evil do exist
This is why the tribes of man find it difficult to co-exist
You have been empowered to choose your angel or demon
If you choose eternity I offer you Jesus’ semen.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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