Sunday, September 12, 2010



One is the first number
Two is the second number after the first number
Three is the sum of one and the second number
The next number is the addition of the first number and the last number

We can then conclude that numbers go on infinitely
Infinity would then be represented by the last number in the sequence
If you could imagine that number you will have experienced infinity
Now imagine absolutely nothing

Which is more rational in its possibility of existence
What if nothing and infinity were the same thing
Something as large as infinity would mean nothing to the average person
Nothing is easy to contemplate but how do you measure it

How large could nothing be
Could nothing be infinite
If you add infinity to nothing do you get infinity or twice infinity
Now we have a series of nothings and infinities

What happens if you take minus infinity and add it to nothing
Well you might really get nothing
If you add infinity to minus infinity you would also get nothing
if you add nothing and nothing you might then get infinity

How far can we go with nothing
Well it sounds like we can go infinitely
Since we have tried to prove infinity with everything
Perhaps we should explore infinity with nothing.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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