Monday, September 6, 2010

Islam: The Power of Patience

Islam: The Power of Patience

Ali Muhammad became Imam through divine birth right
Islam split by the selection of this new Grand Knight
Shia followers to this day in his selection remain true
All be it in Iran, Yemen and Syria the numbers are few

Abu Bakr selected to a similar high order
In the House of Islam his appointment created division and disorder
Sunni Elders chose him to be Caliph and the newest Kaiser
To the Prophet Muhammad he was His greatest advisor

While this event did create one of Islam’s great schisms
So too did the ancient pyramids, formed in illusive stone prisms
Each tribe of man struggling to be God’s chosen
His decision in Mount Ararat, aboard Noah’s Ark, the answer lays frozen

Islam very seldom, given credit for their part in the human something
The three empty spaces of the Babylonians gave birth to nothing
Later Fibonacci in mathematics saw fit to call it zero
So unleashed a learning in which science became its hero

When you strike at history, be careful not to awake its passion and logic
Those we cast as barbarians may in the end be more idealogic
What western democracies describe as a dysfunctional Middle East
May be the trappings of an intelligent and patient Persian priest

Muslims have a birth rate five times higher than that of the Caucasian’s choosing
For Europe and the Americas, the battle of population the White Man is losing
Muslims dying in war at hundred times the rate of their infidel foe
Between life and death, they find comfort in both as you well know

Oil and hate continue to fuel Black Op’s aggression
Our Leaders not initiates of sorrow and past life regression
The warriors, saints and prophets had a simple message for all
Before you choose battle, wrap your hate inside the mighty prayer shawl.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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