Monday, September 6, 2010

Israel: The Land of Paradigm

Israel: The Land of Paradigm

Abraham, father to both Arab and Jew
Sarah bore him a son called Isaac, and so was born the first point of view
Hagar then gave birth to Brother Ishmael
His legacy would lead to the modern day struggle for what we now know as Israel

David, Prophet and King for Arab and Jew
Jerusalem in the formation of his kingdom, was long overdue
Goliath and Bathsheba notable in David’s historic drama
Islam’s infallibility, rejected Judaism’s human failings and man-made trauma

Solomon, seven hundred wives and many a more concubine
Viagra still in the planning, but out came the wine
Solomon’s great sin was the lust for the Pharaoh’s daughter
This forsaken wisdom ultimately led Israel to a grand slaughter

Rome now the master of the new Palestine
Warrior gods and legions occupied the fallen Temple shrine
Jesus a millennia later arrived to measure the Judean loss
For Jew and now Christian His message ended on the cross

By British mandate, Israel centuries later was reborn anew
From 1948 and onward their demise Islam would continually pursue
Friend to democracy and a select few in the middle east
It has waited three score and some years for the coming of the Beast

In 2010 it sits alone and lost in Hell’s central park
Isolated and forgotten by a political lark
Netanyahu and Israel`s future
Now lays with Ishmael, Ahmadinejad and a surgeon`s suture

The Persian Priest has won the war of tactics and fear
Even for a secular Turkey this man could be Islam`s new brigadier
Israel depend not on your capitalist friend
For a long lost brother a hand may be easier to extend

In the Middle east the power structure will be a changing
Oil and power, the Capitalist Kabal is now re-arranging
Guard yourself not from the power of the atom
Be as Solomon and use your wisdom to find Islam`s peaceful stratum

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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