Thursday, September 23, 2010

It’s Going to be a Fracking Frigid Winter

It’s Going to be a Fracking Frigid Winter

Exploration companies eagerly “FRACKING” and polluting our waters
Whistleblowers take pictures but the evidence falls prey to the media’s “FARKING” slaughter
The Gulf of Mexico is dead and so too is the non-functioning Atlantic escalator
Thanks to crude oil, all the warm water idles at the Earth’s equator

I have not worn Long Johns since I was a young man
When you wear those loose fitting cotton bloomers, you don’t have to worry about your white assed tan
The male apparatus gets shrivelled within the two layers of comforting cotton
Pull up those socks and let not escape that renegade flagellant that was nearly forgotten

It’s going to be a cold winter rejoice the Luciferians of banking
The Rockefellers and Rothschilds applaud the return to Medieval “BRANKING”
A little austerity will have to do in order to pay the charges for oil and gas
Would it not be farcical if the price of oil, the $20 barrel price, it did not surpass

The idling public will reminisce with strangers as they lay in bed “PLURKING”
Old Man winter will be watching through the window as you lay jerking
Turn on the television to amuse yourself with the pandemic of news hysteria
A little earthquake may even shake loose a little known form of deadly Listeria

W.H.O. will be calling on the globe to be cautiously vaccinated
Its secret ingredients of nanotechnology and poison, will at some time render you terminated
Across a continent foolish soldiers will become victims of another battle insurgency
In the background “BLACKWATER” and sub-contractors play into the hands of the centralized “AGENCY”

Let’s commend Tony Hayworth for the upcoming white and wonderful Christmas
For his grand accomplishment he too is celebrating in some cold Siberian isthmus
It will be fun after decades to construct a snowman in the front yard
Perhaps we should fashion them to look like the faceless conspirators of the old guard

When packaging presents this season make sure you use good old newspaper
This will confuse the Grinch and the potential success of any larcenist caper
Avoid putting money in that best wishes envelope
The sum of the global FIAT currency, may no longer even satisfy the almighty Pope

How much can they throw at us before we start asking the question
Store a bounty of silver and gold, to secure oneself from any planned government oppression
Purchase a few extra staples to guard against rising food prices
Perhaps a little rice, meat and water or even conventional warming devices.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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