Monday, September 6, 2010



Has Cheney gone cottaging in Haliburton
Perhaps he went deep sea diving in some gulf coast ocean
When he left office he told non-Republicans to go to hell
Could he now have something to do with an exploding oil well.

The Bushes are gone but never really
The first time you missed them they were in Dealey
They went on to invest in big oil rigs
Between murder, drugs and corruption they have covered all the gigs.

From Oswald to Obama they started the great deception
To protect democracy and capitalism is the perception
From 911, Afghanistan, Iraq and all the aggression
We have never blamed them for the latest global depression.

And what about Bernanke and the Federal Reserve
The Rothschild family connection they carefully preserve
Funding FIAT, war and terror
He proudly acts as the Masonic bearer.

For the rhetorical Obama everyone has their reservation
Unlike Jean he is Hawaiian and not Haitian
Like a Kennedy with a bold vision
Will he too meet his Lorraine with the wrong decision.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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