Monday, September 6, 2010

Mosquitoes at Ground Zero

Mosquitoes at Ground Zero

Manhattan is abuzz with all the political views
Ground Zero reset as the stage to redefine religious taboos
The events of 911 mysterious as a black hole
Novice conspirators still lay dormant pending orders from the doomsday patrol

Ground Zero deemed as sacred as Calvary’s Cross
Veiled shadows proclaim a new radicalism is taking root aside our unforgettable loss
Christians and Jews unite to bring fear and propaganda
The disciples of Black Oil invite all to subscribe to the same memoranda

Compare a mosque to an imposing army barracks’ tent
For the invaded, incursion imposes a reality of dire malcontent
Lives interrupted and children crying
Armies grow bigger but only the natives appear to be dying

The words I forgive provide the next human dimension
Americans forget not the lost lives of your political intervention
The Pentagon predisposed in designing each friend and foe
Victims selected by the vampire-like rite of the unorthodox mosquito

Treachery weighs heavy to the marketed brain
Your reason is stalled by a big ball and chain
Improvise on what Julius Caesar said so long ago
Look deep for justice in the eyes of someone you may already know

The mosquitoes at Ground zero have drowned in dust
All the evidence destroyed through a seditious breach of trust
The mosque conceals as many criminals as synagogue and church
In blame, we simply fail to do the proper research.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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