Monday, September 6, 2010

Nothing More Than A Lark

Nothing more than a lark!

Let’s ALL stay home for a week and bask in the outdoors
Friend and neighbour could only be identified by their friendly snores
Put your feet up and let the grass grow
All mechanical or electrical equipment would be a no no

Make sure you buy enough ruffage to last the week
Stove, oven and toaster you will not be able to tweak
Store enough water to scrub each private part
Hot water and shower will be off limits, but we will allow the passing of a hardy fart

Park the car and hide the keys
A daily walk with family will quickly tire those wobbly knees
Let the oil barons play with the prices
Even if demand is zero those bastards will find a way of satisfying their vices

Of course television, PC and radio will be taboo
No porn sites, email and internet news brought to you by Yahoo
All the reality shows will be put on hold
Soon you’ll discover your family is the real pot of gold

Could we make the world stand still in each boot
Imagine a world where nothing could be made to pollute
The sky is clear of smog and nasty smell
With no BBM’s, perhaps we could even learn to respell

Now imagine if this was true for the rest of your life
An electromagnetic blanket or solar storm really could bring everlasting strife
We depend too much on industry and the multinational
It may be time to start believing again in the supernatural

Would it be wise to take your money out of a mutual fund
Return all the clothing you bought and ask for a refund
Perhaps you even have one too many car in the drive way
Your weekend lifestyle supported by Tylenol and the mortgaged chalet

This may be nothing more than a lark
Perhaps with no electricity you will have to decide in the dark
The only blessing would be that the news could no longer report
The newscasters, like Nuremberg, will stand trembling at the doors of the Higher Court.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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