Monday, September 6, 2010

The NWO versus the “UE”

The NWO versus the “UE”

Could the UE be the mirrored reflection of the E you
This may be how the Illuminati secretly announced their debut
Eliminate a few borders and publish a new currency
A new Roman Empire they built by the guarded secrets of necromancy

Weishaupt founded the order in May of one77six
A praying Jesuit brought to the life this darkness by the River Styx
Foresaken his duty had become to Papacy and Jew
The absolution of Lucifer he proclaimed was now long overdue

Independence Day, coincidently on July four of the same year
New death and life started the race simultaneously in history’s frontier
Their battle for centuries fought unknowingly by a victimized foe
Their plan in propaganda, FIAT and chaos, by now you must already know

Could a United Earth be such a bad idea
Well why not, but please explain all the hyperbole and panacea
By what strange logic have they attempted to unite mankind
Their rules and motivation to this day remain undefined

A peaceful planet would appear to be a logical goal
Humanity and nature as one and so to God in control
But it is in the latter that I believe we have the quandary
For you and I it is God, but for them it is the contrary

With all these acronyms you would thing life would be simple
They are about to squeeze your brain as you would a pimple
They believe in Satan, but are very afraid of dying
Their courage unfortunately strengthens when they hear humanity crying

Come out of the closet ewe disciples of the New World Order
Come out one and all, ewe patients of attention deficit disorder
Playing games with the news is no way to make friends
People as I cast out the bullshit and imagine the trends.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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