Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Ode to the Old

An Ode to the Old

Little does a child understand of its conception
The miracle of birth not denied by the barrier of modern-day contraception
A few kilos of flesh and bone may one day rule the earth
For others their existence may be of mediocre net worth

Six billion personalities and not one alike
An Aryan race once contemplated by the infamous Third Reich
What compels a body to grow to a certain height
For others weight may be measure that sustains a worrisome plight

What genetic magic keeps track of each human organ
In third world countries a kidney or liver may be purchased for a bargain
Why does skin transform from gentleness to a grand wrinkle
At the two extremes of life, all that really matters is the daily tinkle

For the old we must acknowledge their life-long battle
They will leave our dominion void of all cherished chattel
Their hands and face express a lifetime of being
They will gladly agree that life was so quick that it appeared like vacation sightseeing

When you pass the remains of a once young friend
Be as the Good Samaritan, say hello and try to comprehend
They seek no survival medal for their legacy
Just a simple acknowledgment to honour their memory

You never know when that knock will resonate upon their door
The Almighty in earthly time keeps no finite score
The old and dying often prepare in haste for their eternity
Remember, birth and death are as one in God’s maternity.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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