Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh (is it) Canada?

Oh (is it) Canada?

Our Parliament buildings look wondrous fashioned in stone
Unlike Westminster no crypts, no bodies or a single bone
Filled with portraits of many a great men
A time when nation building and discourse ended with amen

A country given birth in the Plains of Abraham
French and Indian the English they did damn
Long in its journey to go it alone,
Constitution and Charter, Trudeau took from the throne

Gone is the glory of men and fury
Now left with puppetry and a hollow jury
Politicians embattled in no true cause
Seeking justice via empty laws

Ignatieff sits perched on a cliff lost by direction
His true Brutus lays dormant in a Rae-ddish complexion
Scholar and Freemason but empty of passion
Of credibility and grit he is lacking the ration

Layton the great socialist empties his arms
Torture and justice must bring alarm
While a great singer with guitar in hand
The public will not make him leader of this great land

And what about the separatist named Duceppe
Cunning and careful a new Canada ready to prep
Wolfe draws fury in the back of his mind
A cause far much greater he still remains blind

Harper relishes in this tragic comedy
Waiting for the final sermon and eventual homily
Stern and confident in his battle plan
Unlike Louis Riel this strategist readies his clan.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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