Monday, September 6, 2010

The Oil Spill

The Oil Spill

The British Empire had left but the Americans did not mark their return
Tony Hayworth for Queens, Dukes and Earls a nice profit he was sent to earn
Bore deep and deeper they proclaimed as more dividends we desire
A cheery oh and a shag-you to the little oyster and the Black Gospel Choir

Fishermen cast ashore by a slimy residue
Such a delicacy found not, even in Emeril`s delicious chocolate fondue
A lingering smell and no it is not cow dung
It transforms to taste as it corrodes the tongue

A mixture of Corexit 9500, methane and benzene, the lungs they will burn
Not to mention an atomic explosion, which will create a much bigger concern
70,000 pounds of pressure at the well’s head
Man’s ignorance will leave, many upon many, wondering why they are dead

Mississippi Burning and the Pelican Brief
Civil rights, Birmingham ‘63 and four dead girls, pale by the forecasted grief
New Orleans is sinking foretold by the Tragically Hip
Florida Keys drowning in oil, drip by drip

The spirit of Sweet Emma playin’ the blues at Preservation Hall
Dixieland in the background, as a gravedigger marches side Peter and Paul
Obama and the government silent in breaking the news
Catastrophe in waiting, the public they will not be amused

Americans stand ready with fife and drum
Yours is the land where freedom has become numb
Ready the pistols and hatchets too
A new revolution is coming to a theatre near you

To the fuckin’ politicians who let BP concoct an arsenic brew
And to the corporate elitists, Satan’s fire, compliments of a crucified Jew
Native people gather your horses, tomahawk and quiver
The Great Spirit beckons your return as nature’s caregiver.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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