Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pawns in the Game – A tribute to William Guy Carr

Pawns in the Game – A tribute to William Guy Carr

Oil Oligarchs
Exxon, BP and all the rest control all the of Arab Patriarchs

Corporate Cartels
Food Inc and Wal-Mart have provided small independents the grand farewell

Media Monopoly
Controlled by business and government, and so a duopoly

Organized Labour Unions
Just another cog in the wheel asking for more of the corporate communion

Bank Centralization
Designed to create debt, fees and market manipulation and ultimately depositor castration

Lobby Organizations
Ingenious groups who extract public funds and then feed their private plantations

Multinational Corporations
Designed to create insider synergy and public starvation

Political Bureaus
Re-building the walkways to Fascist, Marxist, Communist and Monarchist plateaus

Religious Rhetoric
A bold new “speak” to make hatred euphoric

Charitable Societies
The leeches of society manifesting on your goodwill and pieties

Subliminal Governments
A hidden facade promoting ignorance and the public’s abstinence

Stock Market
The only place the “Creatures from Jekyll Island” are licensed to tell-a-market

Military Industrial Complex
Designing war, fear and chaos, and sadly, not promoting safe sex

Did I miss an eligible name
By now you should have figured out that we are all just, “Pawns in the Game”.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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