Monday, September 6, 2010



When was it that I learned to pray,
Mother kneeled with me at the end of each day,
Was it when I was three,
A bed-wetter who had just learned to properly pee

Dad prayed with me every Sunday night,
Had to brush my teeth to make sure they were real bright,
I laid in bed with my hands together,
Dad told me to pray for everything including great weather

Grandma was getting old and her memory was going,
At six she visited without her knowing,
She liked to teach me the Hail Mary,
When we prayed the words started to vary

Grandpa chuckled as he stood in the doorway,
His kind smile to be missed some day,
I was ten when he was alone,
We prayed for Grandma to find her way home

I thirteen I forgot to pray,
My life was too busy what can I say,
Friends and games filled me with joy,
God had taken the backseat to a sixteen year old boy

Many years had passed but I married at twenty seven,
Happy but never thankful to my Father in heaven,
At thirty we had our first pride and joy,
God had blessed me with a cute baby boy

It was then that I remembered to pray,
Thanking God with all the kind words that came my way,
A little late but I knew He was listening,
I asked that He attend my baby’s christening

At fifty we became empty nesters,
My hubby plump and looking like the court jester,
Early to bed with a bowl of corn flakes,
I prayed that God would ban chocolate shakes

At eighty I became a widow,
Each night my eyes cried upon the pillow,
Never alone as He stood by my side,
One night I upped and died

Life quicker than death,
It shorter than my last breath,
God greeted me with a great smile,
His out-stretched arm glowing in the aisle

My prayers answered and not in vane,
I suffered no great pain,
Between peeing and dying,
God helped with me with all the trying.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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