Monday, September 6, 2010

Reality, Truth and Honesty

Reality, Truth and Honesty

Words and languages cannot begin to define reality
Words lack philosophical substance and language is tempted by ambiguous translation
Reality struggles to be as the actor struggles to portray something he can never be
Words are the stuttering impulses of a grotesquely primitive intelligence caught up in the desire to be something more than it can be

The truth is shrouded by words of equal indifference
To find the truth one must subject one-self to that which challenges the thine
Truth is the omega of eternity, not of its existence
Truth manifests itself in the imagination of the abstract thinking mind

As Diogenes waited a lifetime to find an honest man, so to, does God await honesty’s invocation
Honesty sits singularly tormented by an unforgiving patience
Its true grace lies not in its sincerity but in its willingness to become sincere
The purification process of the truth is the baptismal journey for honesty

The realism of truth and honesty are as distant as the tongue and mouth
The truth that honesty can become a reality is challenged by thee
If there is honesty in the truth it is not of this reality
The existence of reality can be imagined whilst honesty saturates the truth with lies and endures.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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