Monday, September 6, 2010

Rob Ford

Rob Ford

Ladies, City Hall still has not been able to find the belly button between those droopy breasts
Bra-less is the way to go if you want to fend off these nasty tax-gathering pests
Men of Toronto, in the same vain, don’t worry about those sagging testicles
It’s great to keep your excess money inside those weary barnacles

Councillor Rae be happy, taxpayers were generous with retirement party and European vacation
The idle fools don’t seem to care that you are funding your favourite private foundation
Mayor Miller off he goes with a year’s severance to boot
Elected officials rewarding incompetence with more of the unaccounted public loot

The St Clair rail improvement project, from ten to a hundred million dollars it did bloom
A whole bunch of money swept under the sofa with a real corny broom
Ask a City employee, how did we spend the money, a stupid look is accompanied by reddened complexion
They respond, “Don’t ask me”, I had to vote for them in the last election

The roads have more cracks and craters than ever before
Someone decided that car tires should be a weekly purchase at the local grocery store
What about winter and the diminishing snow
Global warming is making a mess of shady contracts and the hidden dough

Real estate taxes, wow what a chasm
Most of the money giving the Freemasons a hernia and pecker-filled spasm
Charitable organizations receiving millions for good old public aid
Little for the afflicted, but boy have they have lined their pockets for their personal crusade

Great to see so many people running for Mayor
All new candidates, each peddling a new song and prayer
To date, lies and deception have allowed them to make off with our change
So much so they have created a seditious “City Hall Money Exchange”

In any case we must make a decision
Rob Ford, big bellied and outspoken, appears exempt from political circumcision
His track record and sincerity makes him a strong candidate in curbing corruption in Old City Hall
Let’s get behind him so he manages to keep that sacred second ball.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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