Friday, September 17, 2010

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

Precious metals look as if they are making a dramatic comeback
It may be time to melt down and pocket that sentimental memorial plaque
Olympic coins may finally be a winner for that sports fanatic
A little extra net worth may even make you feel a little aristocratic

China implores its citizens to buy, buy, buy bullion silver
The massive size of the order is making it very difficult to deliver
In gold, the pin-striped investors have now made the transition
They appear nervous of another stock market meltdown and the awaiting mortician

FIAT currencies around the world may have run the gambit
Central Bankers appear to be divesting themselves of their paper habit
A strange vibration is now transforming these characters from Jekyll to Hide
Atop the Transylvanian mountain, patiently awaiting, are Dracula’s brides

It does not take much to change the course of history
Thirty pieces of silver and so to a God can become a mystery
In Mayan gold, warrior conquerors did bring glory to the Spanish crown
After their departure all that remained was a 2012 prophecy and a ghostly town

For a Nazi even a gold filling did present an opportunity
BREX swindlers found greed impassioned an entire stock market community
It may be wise to cast your ounce of silver in the shape of a protective bullet
The Werewolves of London and the Rothschild’s may one day ask to play with it

Amusingly, television jewellers have now become part of the fever-pitched action
They say that trading-in gold jewellery for a face job, may even increase your laws of attraction
For the bullion dealer the future is looking very, very brisk
Forget share certificates, the real thing you know will eliminate all market risk.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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