Monday, September 6, 2010



Did someone conclude that the Cold War was dead
Very unlikely, politics a demon with many a Machiavellian head
Diplomacy the sport of nerves among suspicious nations
Black hooded characters continue to appear as shadowy aberrations

Spies, the masters plan a new complexion
Anna Chapman with great legs, breasts and smile, will give you an erection
Dormant but never dead, Jack the Ripper plans his return
No matter her beauty he says, the Palace for an Annie, always readies the urn

Really, what is all the commotion
The Yanks as many spies in Red Square moving in slow motion
Israel has mastered espionage and trained many an assassin
Canada obliges them all with fake passports and a maddened reaction

You would think that with Globalism secrets would be on the wane
Government rhetoric to make us believe with the enemy we sip champagne
Past are the days of cloak and dagger
Keith B Alexander is now in charge of cyber war and electronic swagger

Nothing like a good spy thriller
Intelligence among old foes there is no more killer
More on the line is national supremacy
Not to mention restraining the global contumacy

For every game there is an exception
Rogue sleeper cells given birth by an even greater deception
Their revenge perpetrated by explosive bomb
Bankrolled by the same people who started Vietnam

While CIA and KGB continue to be active
China in the spy game appears to be most attractive
Canada given duty to farm foreign spies
Fadden of CSIS, so he implies.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede ( aka - pissmeoff)

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