Monday, September 6, 2010

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking has just announced that God is not the Universal Creator
He hints that we were concocted by aliens in a beaker-filled amphi theatre
As people age they find comfort in believing in the after-life and heaven
This physicist now thinks we are alien dessert, just like that dispensed by Seven-Eleven

While not a believer in this relatively new theory
The alien factor of aggression does make me very weary
Area 51 and weather balloons appears a little too simplistic
A universe filled with alien life seems much more realistic

We must in the end decide if God was a one hit wonder
Did He create mankind and then stopped when He recognized His blunder
Did He take a day or did He take a week
I suggest He took whatever time He needed to hone His technique

His real feat was in creating those womanly creatures and the big breast
When He looked at those two big jugs He then decided to take a rest
For planet Earth He then left to nature and genetic mutation
Proclaiming, do as you will, in the end I will decide on your spiritual salvation

Now what about those pesky alien creatures
If real, should they be welcomed as benevolent preachers
My hunch is that their technology and savagery would be slightly more advanced
Those big black eyes, for prey, they probably are meant to en trance

Others speak of hidden Earthly Giants and Amphibian delight
Hidden for centuries, satiating their human appetite
Did God throw them into the mix to eradicate His human mistake
How do you feel about dinner and you the object coated with shake ‘n bake

Well then get ready and don’t be so stupid
If God isn’t, then all we have is each other my dear cupid
If He is, then don’t worry about alien visitors
We already have enough Earthly demons acting as our great inquisitors.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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