Monday, September 6, 2010

The Stock Market

The Stock Market

Animated egos attired in pin-striped suits
The ensemble accompanied by patent leather boots
Strutting their indifference up and down the side walk
Pondering ways of owning the whole block

Into a private bath for a quick pee and glance
Then to the office in a stoic trance
Pull back the chair and the ticker gets going
The seeds of greed the mind is sewing

The key board sings with each buy and sell
A commission plus or minus but who gives a hell
Customers like shekels ready to churn
Brokers predictions of no real concern

The bell rings loud at the end of day
Billions changed hands without a single hair turning gray
Banks and insiders always the winner
For the poor sucker the wallet grew thinner

Why sink your money in the financial abyss
They stopped caring with the first morning piss
Put your money in brick and mortar
This way you become your own best supporter

The public got screwed when politicians loosened the rules
They pretend to care while we remain fools
Promises to fix the stock market blunder
Our ignorance and patience they continue to plunder

Every nation plagued by growing debt
Their survival the outcome of a financial bet
The G8, G20 and G infinity come to the rescue
How did our money turn to rotten sinew

For all this nonsense there is an answer
To cut from society all this cancer
Start with the stock market and then the bank
Let the New World Order walk the plank.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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