Friday, September 24, 2010

The Toronto Star

The Toronto Star

Acta Durnia were carved in metal and stone to advise the public of the Caesar’s humour and pity
Alas, in 16th century Venice they produced the first Gazetta named Notizie Scritti
The world wide press then came to life to record the daily events
More notable was the fact that you could buy reality for a couple of cents

The spirits of Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane have long since disappeared
Clark Kent a victim of kryptonite, made his celebrity unable to persevere
Perry White was lucky because Superman always brought victory to the end of the story
Newspapers sold because they went well with morning coffee and orgasmic glory

The rags were all safe pre the twentieth century
Their influence even helped put away many a criminal inside the penitentiary
Their success meant wealth and power for the paper magnates
For William Randolph Hearst, the SLA made Patty a media paper weight

In Canada, the Telegram was not a very lucky printed gazette
The Globe and Mail, thanks to Ken Thomson, finds favour as a financial vignette
The Toronto Sun savours in its presentation of their daily Sunshine Girls
The Toronto Star lost in limbo prefers to launch degrading political hurls

Papers have fallen prey to the ubiquitous world wide web
Brainless Publishers daunted by the readership ebb
It took two thousand years to nail a newspaper to the cross
The prophets foretell of The Toronto Star and their massive readership loss

People are wise and smarter than ever before
Is it not time the remnants of editorial degradation were cast offshore
Print your words and blasphemous stories
It won’t be long until the shining Star becomes Chicken Cacciatore.

In defence of just elections,
Joseph Pede

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