Sunday, September 19, 2010

When The Elephant Farts

When the Elephant Farts

A nation of pygmies should be concerned when they neighbour a political giant
Everything looks fine when you are oblivious to the rules of back-door compliance
The Elephants and Donkeys have transformed America into a third world country
Senate Bill 510 now means ordinary citizens cannot harvest the crops of their very own bounty

Six million home foreclosures and another four million pending
One in seven people have reached the poverty line and thus no more spending
Ten million unemployed graduates have accumulated a trillion dollars in debt
Tempering the nerves is very difficult when you can no longer afford a simple cigarette

Real unemployment numbers, plus or minus, hovering around seventeen percent
Another four hundred banks in bankruptcy and more forecasted consumer discontent
The national debt is rising and now approximates fourteen trillion
Add State and Local and the total amount owed, sums to a quarter quadrillion

The primary mission in Iraq was to steal the ancient Sumatran tablets
The secondary mission was for oil and to make sure the army dispensed more bravery epaulettes
The primary mission in Afghanistan was the control of opium for the “cee eye a”
The other to keep Russia and China from accessing all that oil for a rainy day

Two wars not enough for this military industrial complex of Satanic proportion
Drone attacks in Pakistan meant to instigate war and political distortion
Never count out American attempts to anger a very well connected Persian Priest
Iran appears now to be in control of the entire Middle East

Let’s start in Yemen and then with good fortune we will be in North Korea by half past eleven
The Yankees are very upset that China has ascended to the stock market heaven
Russia watches calmly with vodka in hand
The American scarecrow hangs shredded by its own incestuous stand

Canadians be weary of our southern belle now transformed to infamous tart
The winds of prosperity may change to storm when the elephant farts
America is the stage for a play that was written so long ago
Should the act end with a standing ovation the whole world may go.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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