Monday, September 6, 2010

When, Why, Who, What and Where

When, Why, Who, What and Where

When does insanity wed the unconscious reality
When is normal normal but not the norm
When does a cause becomes greater than self
When is truthfulness truth to myth and legend

Why do you think it so, has someone told you
Why have you taken the next step, and not guarded your direction
Why have you spoken, when nothing needs to be said
Why do you watch, the mirror holds no secrets

Who came before there was a before
Who did you meet only to forget that you had met
Who made everything possible when its possibility seemed impossible
Who do you think you are, has your being been before

What makes a planet orbit the sun and a human soul, God
What makes evil evil, if evil is that which provokes us
What do you tell a child about life when the once child forgot what life was
What in love is empty and what is empty without love

Where do we go from here, we have already been there
Where in time, did we loose the time, to time our time
Where does opportunity knock when the door is hollow
Where will war war for the sake of war.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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