Monday, October 11, 2010

The Door Once Open

The Door Once Open

Everything that is wrong has now become right
Even darkness no longer succumbs to the gracious light
Justice was once a thought that stirred men of conscious
Today the law sees fit to reward the deeds of the misguided subconscious

Where there was heaven, now we have hell
Where we had individual opportunity, we now have a multi-national cartel
What was once white has now turned to black
We have cast peace adrift and engaged in many a hateful attack

Where there was hope we have now filled with despair
Individual privacy has now become a public affair
We have grown smarter but much less perceptive
Our spiritual being castrated by a secular contraceptive

What was once moral is no longer in vogue
Our society now ruled by one too many a political rogue
Money was once a necessity to build a family’s future
Wall Street has seen fit to imprison that desire with a derivative suture

Science has extended life but not our joy of living
Poverty grows even in the midst of generous giving
Food fills the shelves but not the hungry mouth
The once crystal pure waters now polluted makes it difficult to vacation down south

The home once a joy has now turned to pain
The monthly bills spew as blood from a cut vein
Children once meek are no longer mellow
In the absence of a job they have befriended the local goodfella

The door once open now remains shut
News once joyous has now turned to smut
Religion once a friend has become the great divider
In what choices have you become the daily subscriber?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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