Monday, October 18, 2010

Holographic Republic

Holographic Republic

Thirty three men have pondered life for sixty nine days
The experiment in underground living has satisfied the mathematical arrays
A global warning the Gatekeepers have subliminally announced
In the belly of Mother Earth initiates be ready to bring your Trojan ounce

The forty fourth disciple may to, now be in play
Double snake eyes, marks the not so distant day
What grander event could cap a Machiavellian story
The wolves ready to feast on their Manchurian quarry

An ocean away the dinar wages war on paper money
Islam silently proclaiming war on the crucified Easter bunny
An invisible hand is causing all these cocks to crow
Chaos scripted in the quiet of an Illuminati Chateau

The scribes are few and we do know their names
Their caricatures brought to life by a well-known Templar board game
A secret wisdom they proclaim to guard from the pious public
Please let them know, the Creator saw fit to weave a heavenly and holographic republic.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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