Friday, October 22, 2010



Assume the Prophets exaggerated their existence
Prophecy once sowed is subject only to secular resistance
Magical words transcribed as the second hand thoughts of the Universal Master
Re-iterated for centuries by the subjective intentions of the tribal pastors

The future is a mysterious moment in time
Its apparition visible through the life-like rendering of hieroglyphic mime
The present may be too irrelevant to consider in the prognosticator’s spec-trum
Its meaning lost in the day’s torturous and repetitive conun-drum

Self-fulfilling prophecy ferments its own strange brew
In the recipe for power, human duplicity is a main ingredient for this heartless stew
For this exploit the Gatekeepers evoke the Devil’s Messiah
The angry lamentations of wickedness make relevant the ancient Jeremiah

Necromancy is the apex of the Gatekeepers’ tool
The main intention is to manipulate the will of the unenlightened fool
Creating fearful illusions is the second implement in its surgical box
The secret knowledge, hidden from the masses, will for mankind, be their ultimate pox

Prophecy is none more than a thoughtful gift from the Creator
Your next step, more than not, is changed by the unscrupulousness of an economic dictator
Be as a shepherd and remember your pause
A step in the right direction will undermine their treasonous cause

The words of a simpleton are easy to remember
Know that one Prophet began His message one warm December
The Others too, in their messages meant no harm
Prophecy in the end, may be none more than humanity’s instinctual alarm.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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