Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Distiller’s Brew

The Distiller’s Brew

The assassins have for some time been quietly calling each shot
Both George’s of Bush have calmly staged chaos in humanity’s blind spot
Waging war is an art for these Satanic puppets
Murder, drugs and lies they have escaped amidst the democratic trumpets

For a Kennedy, the elder did execute his execution
The younger to the global economy he brought chaos and monetary revolution
The Clintons appear nice folk with their charitable Foundation
Murder, drugs and lies also sit at the base of this unscrupulous incorporation

Greenspan began the financial Armageddon for the Federal Reserve
Deregulation and derivatives created bold new economic curves
A financial holocaust to which he simply apologized to the global lot
The Banks most obviously the co-conspirators behind this well planned plot

To Bernanke so passed the coveted baton
Rothschild and Rockefeller then guided this “devilish prosthetic” to wage war on the Koran
He continues his calling via Obama’s quantitative easing
Blaming China rather than Wall Street for America’s financial freezing

American Presidents more than not are monarchists at heart
Their virtual throne protected by the money-lender’s military black art
America’s fall is relevant for all who watch
The distiller’s brew will ultimately blend a new political scotch

For decades the conspiracy theorists have formulated their end days’ plan
Theological prognosticators have been forecasting the end of time since time began
Politicians have used this well placed knowledge to more covertly hide their treacherous treason
The Illuminists have played all sides against the other, and “ultimate power” is their reason.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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