Monday, November 22, 2010

The Garden

The Garden

There was a time when angels and demons cajoled with the ancestors of you and me
Even Satan made his debut wrapped around a garden tree
God, early on was lax in who could play between the spiritual dimensions
To make life interesting, He later introduced conspiracy and divine apprehension

What Master would grant the gift of chaos to a created son
Adam’s beloved farmer slew the innocent shepherd just as our journey had begun
History from that time has continued to make brothers and sisters regrettable foes
God and Satan could most likely be blamed for all of humanity’s woes

What rules in Paradise permitted one son to execute the other like a festive ewe
In what circumstance can we justify the assassination of JFK and our integrity too
How can a soldier be torn to shreds to justify the will of another brother
Why do we stand idle as a starving child cries out asking for his mutilated mother

Perhaps we had lost our desire for love at the onset of our creation
Still today we allow our treacherous leaders to define our ultimate salvation
The final resting place for the human soul is much grander than an Earthly garden
It is also the one place that you will not be allowed entry with a Satanic pardon

The times have changed but they have not changed at all
The garden still sits empty and separated by a distressed human wall
Look around you and measure the human pain
What you say and do for others will bring them into God’s domain.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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