Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ode to Harper

Ode to Harper

We had an election and voted for a minority
We cleaned the slate and got rid of the Liberal seniority
Reform and Conservatives fell by the wayside
The Green Party lost in the landslide

Layton still clinging to a lost social class
Harper thinking what a waste of human mass
Through a recession Harper did last
A stimulus package where taxpayers were gassed

Then a prorogue and Harper made history
To all the News-Casters its meaning a mystery
Off to China to save a little face
Only to be embarrassed by losing his place

A non-confidence vote did Harper survive
Poor Ignatieff’s poll ratings did take a dive
Sitting at the piano he did impress
The public not amused while in distress

Then talk of torture in a war far away
Harper again calls for prorogue to keep the wolves at bay
A year full of mystery and government shame
The economy was all that Harper could blame

Obama called for Canadian soldiers to depart
Leaving all the loved ones with a broken heart
To all Canadians who have done more than their share
It’s time that Harper did buy a fare

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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