Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Road to the Games

Road to the Games

Harper has taken up snow-boarding
I think they are getting him ready for a water-boarding
Harper sure got excited when he saw the gals speed skating
Probably suffering from the after-effects of speed-dating

Harper really likes our hockey teams’ chances at gold
Ignatieff is PUCK-ering up for the big face-off we are told
Harper was last seen testing a four man bob-sled
Got pissed off he wasn’t at the head

Harper in all his excitement threw the first stone
Accusing all the other Parties of sinning to the bone
Harper is playing the part of a pro-ROGUE
The opposition Leaders just looking for a little dia-LOGUE

Harper’s wondering why all the rain
Obama is playing the HAARP as Vancouver pains
In 1936 we had the Hitler Olympics and Jesse Owens
IN 2010 we have the Harper Olympics and an economy that just ain’t goin’

I hope you enjoy the irony,
Joseph Pede

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