Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dispensable Lives

Dispensable Lives

Obsolescence was the credo of the twentieth century
Mechanized manufacturing replaced the talented hand
Computerization laid dormant the thinking mind, and
Technology tantalized the yearning of the insatiable ego

Mankind had stumbled upon Satan’s secret door
No longer a Garden of everlasting potential
But rather a vineyard of hallucinogenic possibilities
Supplemented by a plethora of pharmaceutical candy

The Cross, the Stars and Crescent Moon thrown into celestial chaos
The Prophets of history subjected to scorn and ridicule
Saints and Martyrs mocked for their piety
The Clergy victims of the body politic and their own debauchery

Gold and silver transformed into a diabolical paper
Glorified with symbols of all seeing possibilities
Monarchs, in treasonous treachery, fashioned the iconography
Natures’ illustration on the backside depicted what would be lost

The greed for everything has cost us all
Dispensable clothes, cars and family now mean that we are dispensable too
A fetus, a child, a woman, a man and all God’s creation
Now the sorrow filled puss of a veiled and cowardly Satanic power.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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