Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Evil to Chaos to Tyranny

From Evil to Chaos to Tyranny

In the year 2011, twenty eleven
We will look once again for that Stairway to Heaven
Fuel and energy prices will continue their momentous rise
The European Union inaugurating its destined demise

Mass global unemployment will send shivers down empty pockets
The financial markets we will learn, are void of all bailout sprockets
The Yankee dollar will disintegrate into dust
The Sun will become catastrophic for the Earth’s upper crust

Food and water, once a privilege for all
Hunger and thirst a critical factor in the human fall
The eight tells of the Luciferian vocation
The impact of the Devil’s Messiah we await on Godly nations

The ninth is the conundrum for John Doe
Mistake not a “One World Crisis” for that goofy Gong Show
Ten after all is enough for now
2011 may be the year little green men resurrect Chairman Mao

Where did the twentieth century go
It ended with apocalyptic fear and diminishing snow
Y2K seems like a memory
Nickel, Bismuth and Ruthenium forms the 2012 emissary

In one short decade we have lived an entire life time
We witnessed murder, disease and every hate crime
Bush the assassin to Madoff the thief
Government criminals to military action and disbelief

Dust the fife and drum from the closet
The global armies are the servants of a diabolical composite
Exercise all your acts of bravery
Twenty eleven may be the year we return to slavery.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Our Politicians, CEO's and Bankers are complicit in Global Murder and a Financial Armageddon. Why have they not paid for their crimes?

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