Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Glass of Ale

A Glass of Ale

Let us sit and have a glass of ale
Listen to Mary Hopkin sing “Those Were the Days”
Be inspired by a determined youth
Reflect on life when life was alive with laughter

Inspiration courtesy of a brew concocted from a smelly malt
Friendship pasteurized over a joke and hardy jest
Argue the ridiculous politics of the day
Exaggerate your dreams knowing their impossibility was possible

Snooker a few balls over a badly stained and dilapidated felt
Throw a dart at a dissected black and yellow circle
Listen to the folk guitar stir your soul
Measure your manhood by the scent of the passing barmaid

Stroll the mile home in hardy laughter through the dark night
No ball and chain to tire your journey
The soles of the shoes are thick and the leather gritty
Hands formed by the hardness of stone bid a friend farewell

The door opens to a warm embracing hug
Its force exorcizes the spirits and vexes that which alcohol could not
A warm bed and loving wife
The greatest gift was now the night and the morrow.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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